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PostSubject: Applications   Sat Jan 29, 2011 11:55 pm

Post the following form filled up. Remember, you can't play until you're approved.

--Name: Character's Name. Same as Canon (First name * Nickname * Last Name) Feel free to omit names if the character you're applying for doesn't have it. That is,is there is no known surname or first name,or your character doesn't have a nickname, don't say anything.

--Age: Same as Canon is preferred

--Appearance: Same as Canon is preferred. Feel free to change the clothes they wear, though, for sake of believability. Picture reference is also good.

--Skills: Same as canon is preferred. Note this doesn't include fight skills, as the whole RPG involves characters being normal people.

--From: Specify from which book/comic/anime/manga/videogame/tv show/movie/mythology/etc your character is from.

--History: This is IMAGINE history, not canon. Create a short story for your character. These characters are alternates, so they have different histories. Feel free to take inspiration from canon.

--Sexual Preference: Well, there is a romantic element to this game. Feel free to change it from canon though.

--Job: You can change jobs while roleplaying, that is, your character can find a job offer in the newspaper or something. If so, warn an admin so they can change your character profile. Be warned though, unbelievable jobs won't get approved. Use your common-sense.

Remember to read the guidebook first.
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