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 Guidebook 1-1.0

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PostSubject: Guidebook 1-1.0   Sat Jan 29, 2011 11:52 pm


Guide Version 1-1.0

IMAGINE is a Massive Crossover Forum Based Roleplaying Game based on the idea of a multiverse, where fictional characters are brought down to normal. Basically, you choose a character you like and live as that character. Think of it as playing The Sims with just one character.

2-General Rules
3-Game Rules


Omega City is a chirpy, happy place. But like any city, it's inhabitants aren't always happy! Drama, relationships and the occasional supernatural event conspire to ruin Omega's happy environment!

2-General Rules

These rules are to be followed all around the forums,including the off-game areas.

You can use lighter words like damn or ass but heavier words are either to be self-censured or not used at all. Basically, anything you can’t say on TV at prime time has to be censured (like f*** or s---).
Use of uncensored heavy words even after being warned by an admin or moderator may lead to banning.

-Writing Ability
Okay, this forum requires regular writing ability. This means:
-Good grammar and spelling
Everyone hates the guy that just comes into a good session and starts “lol,fredirick apered n kikid the gais ass,who wuz liek OMG. he totaly PWND, that n00bs ass!”
I’d explain what’s wrong with that sentence but it’s just too many things. Easy rule: Write it like you would on a school essay. An essay where you needed a good grade or you’d be screwed. Start using l33t, lack of capitals and too many misspellings and your ass gets banned. If you’re that bad at spelling, use a word processor with spell-check and then copy + paste. A little time can make everyone’s gaming experience better.
If I see anyone use things like *John opens the door* they’re getting warned/banned no matter how good the grammar/spelling is. A good RPG is written like a book. Don’t like books? Then why the hell are you writing? All posts must be written in the simple past (He went/ She dodged/ they screamed).

-Sexual Themes
Explicit Sexual themes must be kept out of the rpg. No restrictions on PMs. Warning: If you give another user “undesired attention” you WILL be banned.
Warning2: I'm very serious about this. Our host doesn't allow sexual content and the site might get deleted.

-OOC Rules
When you’re speaking out of character or chatting with other players there are rules too.
While your characters may be as rude as you want you have to be polite with other players when OOC. 

-NPC Rules
NPCs can be played by anyone. They're characters like bartenders and such, that don't have much importance. An NPC may be used to advance the plot, but if you use an NPC for more important things you may have your post deleted.

Admin NPCs-
Admins can create NPCs that are like recurring characters. They have names, and maybe some special abilities. Only admins may use those NPCs, and maybe mods with permission from the admins.

3-Game Rules

-Applying for a character

Before you start playing, you need to apply for a character. Notice I said apply,not create. It's a massive crossover RPG, which means you have to roleplay as a character from fiction.

To apply for a character, fill out this form and post it at the Applications page-

--Name: Character's Name. Same as Canon (First name * Nickname * Last Name) Feel free to omit names if the character you're applying for doesn't have it. That is,is there is no known surname or first name,or your character doesn't have a nickname, don't say anything.

--Age: Same as Canon is preferred

--Appearance: Same as Canon is preferred. Feel free to change the clothes they wear, though, for sake of believability. Picture reference is also good.

--Skills: Same as canon is preferred. Note this doesn't include fight skills, as the whole RPG involves characters being normal people.

--From: Specify from which book/comic/anime/manga/videogame/tv show/movie/mythology/etc your character is from.

--History: This is IMAGINE history, not canon. Create a short story for your character. These characters are alternates, so they have different histories. Feel free to take inspiration from canon.

--Sexual Preference: Well, there is a romantic element to this game. Feel free to change it from canon though.

--Job: You can change jobs while roleplaying, that is, your character can find a job offer in the newspaper or something. If so, warn an admin so they can change your character profile. Be warned though, unbelievable jobs won't get approved. Use your common-sense.

Note: When playing,try to keep the character you're playing as, IN CHARACTER. Think of it as writing fanfiction. Change as little as you can.

Note 2: Try to keep everything and anything you can in canon

Note 3: Original and Semis can only be made with express authorization from the admins.

Semi-Original characters- Semi-Original character are characters that are under the rules and limits of a certain fictional work, but aren't actually a character from that fictional work. Let's say, Harry Potter. You can create a character who is a wizard under the rules of the world of Harry Potter, but isn't a character in the books.

2- Number of Characters and Character death

Any player may only have 3 alive,active characters.

Dead Characters- A character is considered dead when the player or an admin says he's dead. Nobody else can say this. Characters may be revived in someway. Ask the admins.

Inactive Character- If you want to stop playing a character,but don't want to kill it, ask the admins to deactivate it. This will make the character free to play to other players.

Taking an Inactive Character- If you want to play a character that was played by somebody else before, but is now Inactive, you have to read the Character History. The Character History is a text written by the admin telling the adventures of the character In-RPG. Then,you'll have to somewhat follow what happened before. Just consider the character's history IRPG part of canon.

Others: Nothing as of now

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Guidebook 1-1.0
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